I miss going out…

Everyone does. We are doing so good as a community on the island. We will get thru this time. Keep being responsible. Keep being patient. We are so lucky to live here. Keep being awesome.


It has been developed many times as you can see from my drawing. It is just sad how much has changed in a year in my city. I hope it continues to be hub for the community and we don’t lose a piece of our history

4 thoughts on “I miss going out…

    1. You were amazing playing and if you want someone to film for YouTube let me know. I didn’t want to break out my camera yesterday and put you on the spot.

      1. I’ve been enjoying looking at “Marble” I assume it’s screen print, what is the original format?

        Also, thank you for your kind words. They played a part in pushing me to start singing more in public, something I haven’t done for years. It’s been so much fun – it feels like there’s a real electricity in the air, people are just so elated to be out and engaging again. They’ll cheer for any old racket lol.

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