Watch “Trudeau attends vigil for family targeted in anti-Muslim attack in London, Ont. | LIVE” on YouTube

2 thoughts on “Watch “Trudeau attends vigil for family targeted in anti-Muslim attack in London, Ont. | LIVE” on YouTube

  1. we need to end hate in Canada. We are better like this. I keep thinking of a young lady in a park. I warned her to watch her stroller because she was a young mom and there are pick pockets in the area. I hope she doesn’t get freaked out. I would have warned any young mom because she was so busy. Everyone deserves the right to live in peace.

    You are as safe as me in Victoria…except for pickpockets. watch your cell phones, wallets, and be kind. I am Christian but if you mess with a sister’s hijab you mess with me. I can’t help pickpockets. this city is awful. I will always make sure your strollers are safe until I have to leave the park.

  2. *than not like. Curse you WordPress for once again ruining a moment. I don’t understand the hate but I see it so much in the States. There is a backlash against the Islamic community that comes across the border.

    This is one of how many attacks. And this is just the Muslim community. Should I go into the rage against the Chinese communities that came from hate speech in the twitter of a so called leader. We are blessed to live in Canada. At least JT is trying. I would rather stand by him than whatever has been happening down there.

    I almost went to Islam, it can be very beautiful but they don’t like beer.

    When I really got into the bible I actually got more respect from my Muslim friends. It was in ways I never expected either because they started to treat me with respect. Even as a woman, even as a western Christian woman. They liked I stopped swearing as much. I dunno. There are misconceptions about both theologies but it is 2021 and we all want the awesome lives we have here.

    Love and prayers to all our communities.

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