Consumer Experiment #2:gift card games

I know, they are dumb to do but they seem to be on all the recent Facebook advertising so I thought I would take a poke at which should be self evident scams. I hate Facebook. I do. It is vampiric software. Normally I go for that but this is way too big brother. Facebook is experiment #1 but it is for a later blog.

YouTube has gotten awful with their advertising of late. It is shameful. They are the ones that wanted the premium subscription. It is great but they aren’t doing the same certificate vetting for advertising. Some serious creepy gets thru. That is a later blog as well. If I criticized them too much my recommendation algorithm will be filled with the Kardashians or something equally as horrifying. Plus some of it has been reported to the RCMP and it is in their hands now. YouTube failed but they need a bloody wake up call sometimes. They only care about money and put the community at risk.

Why try these games.  I want to see if after a month I can actually get the big cash they are endorsing.

I have one rule…

1. No spending any real world money. I am not a gambler. I am not doing this to make money. I know going into this experiment I will not make money. I am basically looking at wasting my time for a month and why would I pay for that

So far I have spent a day and one site says I will get $300 in PayPal if I watch enough videos during the 9 day countdown. Which I may or may not be able to collect because these companies gear their advertising to Canadians yet we can’t get the rewards. They are doing it to track our spending habits and routines.

You see how they get you right? They are getting paid for the advertisement. I am going through a few sites. I will post them closer to the final tally data. If they are tracking me I don’t want which companies I signed up for will be in the final for biggest scam.

Why am I doing this? I think that people are easily mislead by advertising. I want to drag out some of the worst, tar and feather them and send them packing. We will see.

Watch for upcoming posts. Will candy crush get me $5 at Starbucks or will it be so annoying (because it is) I bail on the experiment. I have 226 hours to test the first site’s rewards I might not even be able to claim.

And social media needs to clean up their act. Anyone can advertise for any dumb thing. People can block porn but are ignorant to how online marketing affects them.

I don’t trust Amazon and think it is sick that entitled slug didn’t pay taxes. Sick (*bleep) that is what he is. These sites are ways for him to profile us.

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