I lost my first professional writing job…so happy

Ok. To my defense it has been a weird little while with the pandemic.

I wanted to break out of my shell and saw and ad on the Craiglist for gigs.

Ya, stop laughing it obviously was a stupid decision but I thought he was local and we could bounce ideas off each other, network.

Sooooo not what happened. Part of me is still confused because it seemed so shady and disorganized I think I dodged a bullet.

Seriously his set was an eastern European yelling belligerent on the mic. Normally I would post a link but I don’t want to promote his channel. I was a little disturbed the first time I saw it because how can I even get a grasp on his vocabulary let alone try to develop a character as a sympathetic being people would want to watch.

Sorry but if you were going for “fish out of water” toss it back.

First off satire isn’t comedy and seeing the stand-up of the guy who wanted a soundboard he has no concept of either.  Satire isn’t your kind of comedy. Some of your best pieces won’t make people laugh. What I do isn’t what he does. I would love an internship in 22 minutes but kinda like having a soul and not having to live in Ontario.

And wtf is pot humor? You wanna come up to the great green north you and your agent better deal with it. I am not doing humor for you. I don’t give a fuck what you think. You aren’t that cool.

Second point is that I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE SO CALLED FAMOUS!  As a Christian it is a form of vanity. Also I might be born again but I wasn’t born yesterday. They said they were in Canada then said they were in the states. Don’t care.

They never had a real job. Calling me out was entirely stupid because I wanted to meet them as a peer and they expected me to suck their tush. Omg wtf is wrong with some people. Telling me 3 months after I wrote off the project you email me to tell me how much I suck.

Good luck and best wishes. I don’t need creepy psychos thinking they are all that. Omg wtf dude? You are all over the map and if I wanna spend an evening getting yelled at by a rude idiot I will go to church

You never had a project for me to be rejected on. You punked me off from the start which is unprofessional and a waste of my time.

🖕nuff said. This was a joke and wow I talked to a “big” comedian. Fking joke

Hi, I’m Crypta and I’m a troll.

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