Upcoming projects

Coming up I am going to do a live stream and post about the game reviews. I am so burnt out on commercials. Some games were outright scams, some seemed ok and some I am still going through. I think if I do a project like this again I need to stick with a smaller sample.

I saw so many ads it started messing with my dreams.

I am going to try a live zoom panel. Not sure if it will be this week. I am going to try hosting. Fingers crossed for the wifi to hold. 

I want to work on a segment about domestic abuse. I am getting Sidney Winston to help me with it. I tend to ramble

It is scary getting back into filming.  Last night I was totally nervous and giggles but I really feel like I had a breakthrough and found some bravery.

Totally I am doing cleaning and self care. Bit of a media detox. Little break from the drama.

Also later I will be doing a critique of SBN. Frances & Friends is so messed up. Should be good comedy in cringe way.

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