Joy comes in the morning… unless you work for a church.

I know I have touched on some of this is my past posts. I was a moderator for SBN last year during the pandemic.

The more I walk away from the Pentecostal branch the more normal and happy I feel. I needed to see it but it is toxic branch. Good people but I like going through life without guilt, shame or hating myself.

I am still a little messed up. Watching the rally on January 5th and what disgusting, evil act that happened on the 6th was blood on my hands because I put their script above my morals. I told people to support that. I am not ok with what I did.

I am not ok knowing I helped promote that. I am blown away they condoned it. Sick. Where is God in that? Beyond shameful. SickLifeBroadcasting is more like it.

Here is my art therapy.

They are a cult. They are “media’.  They hate Canada and why are these fascists getting tax breaks?

In the great tradition of YouTube I am going to start making reaction and review videos.

The way the preach against the LGBTQI community is illegal in Canada for broadcast. They are getting around the laws and promoting hate speech.

It is not your religious right to be hateful or to “insite” violence.

They promote domestic terrorism.

As much as I used to love them, I think they are dangerous and should be out of Canada.

Enjoy the tax breaks while they last 🖕. Hope you do well with accreditation on your university with your war on education on. I can tell you really care about intelligence. Sure it will go fabulous….oh wait was that sarcastic?

3 thoughts on “Joy comes in the morning… unless you work for a church.

    1. I can understand how SonLifeBroadcasting can be confusing with SBN.Because it is the Swaggarts. How is this hard for you to fucking understand Sidney. these are dangerous people. OHHHH SORRY IN FUCKING LAUGH WHEN I AM SCARED OK I WILL WORK ON IT OK!!!

  1. I sent you links. If you don’t want to read them fine then don’t comment. I go thru all of your links and streams. nice. thanks. I know what I am involved against is soooooooo minor against little slugs like DD. Look at what I sent. check out their channel then talk to me. You have no idea and yet you feel entitled to an opinion. Great. Thanks.

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