Keep your racism below the border…

Thanks but we have enough here. If the USA wants to have a civil war, put up a wall and let them. They are so far past common sense and reason they are becoming a danger to Western Society (*you know, the one they pretend to love and worship).

Not all Americans are like this and prayers (even if you are atheist or non-Christian) that you are safe. I am so worried about what is going on. January 6th is scary and wrong and I wish more people took how dangerous the events were. This is serious.

And now, to spread this message of hate to a new generation. Not like anyone in Canada thinks much of the American education system. It’s a joke. People are so angry at what? Explaining racism?

Fight Erupts at School Meeting on Trans Rights & Critical Race Theory”

And these are the people in charge of nukes. Fk you but rum is therapeutic. I live next to a ticking time bomb that will plunge the world into a new dark ages.

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