Christian Contemporary/worship Musicūüé∂There is no God there

Watch “Exposing Christian Contemporary Music: The Seven Deadly Sins (Part 1)(Part 2)” on YouTube

This is such a prize find in the algorithms.

The biggest thing that I found disturbing when I started the Pentecostal Church is the emphasis on not listening to secular music. Whatever, throw my cd’s off the balcony and set them on fire?

Don’t think Jesus “moved” on me the way people wanted. Don’t care. My imaginary friend can be yours as well, don’t be jelly.

I tried Christian music. Give me Mötorhead at least it is honest.

If you are being told by a group or organization to limit your media…RUN!

So much of this I can relate to because I know how ugly the music industry is. And ministry.

I will touch on some finer points in a future blog with a proper review.

Everything is true. It’s about money not art or God.

And my experience was even weirder. Seeing it from in inside of the Swaggarts showed me a whole other level of manipulation within the Christian culture.

(*flips tables in the temple) Jesus isn’t a capitalist! That is ignorant and shows the level of greed.

Media is the new front. Here is how music is manipulated. Here are how you are manipulated with churches.

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