When a friendship dies

Jason please leave me alone. You are an abusive friend and I am done.

When I started this site I was going to get help. Unfortunately you can’t step up, not only failed miserably but sank to a whole new level of suck.

Jason I have known you 18 years and it is over. I can’t be at your birthday. I don’t want to be around you.

I am tired of your punk persona. Your not Jesus and all it is to me is insane rambling of a tweaker. I don’t want to be around drunk junkies! I don’t care who to think you are as a musician. I don’t care about it! I am soooooo done with crazy.

I almost called the cops on you for being drunk and being psycho in front of my place.

I am SICK of you perving on me! I’m not attracted to you and every comment or unwanted touch grosses me out to the point I hate men. Fuck you. You cannot control yourself as a man and I am so done with this. I don’t trust you.

Don’t come by, don’t call me and let me have my life in peace.

Yesterday was it. That was goodbye.

I should have kept you out of my life. I keep thinking you have changed but you haven’t.

FFS if you are 45 and can’t figure out how to get a phone then you are not in a place where you are responsible enough to be in my life.

You can play the victim but I have no sympathy. Please don’t contact me.

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