TYT takes on the idiots at Fox

“Anti-Vaxx Quacks” Tucker & Ingraham TRIGGERED” TYT❤️

How Fox is news is beyond me. I was on their live chat for January 6th. I am still mad. It was sick.

I am like Cerk and Ana. I am done with stupid. You wanna die from Covid then go ahead, don’t get the vaccine. You wouldn’t be a problem much longer. Hey, look at it like this, you get to meet Jesus faster.

Funny how they want to limit a women’s autonomy of her own body, limit the rights of trans individuals, yet a small action that would save their lives and the lives of their communities is against their rights?

Enjoy the kool-aid, enjoy your freedom to the grave

Around the 20min mark it goes into art history. We lost math and basic skills during the reign of Christianity. Now people want to turn back the clock again, bring on a new dark ages.

I would rather walk away from religion all together then let people go back to oppression.

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