Another happy Saturday 🥰🌞

We had a bit of rain overnight. Listening to the rain was peaceful. Super weird dreams but Friday usually are. I have the best, supereal dreams dreams on Friday. I think because I can relax.

2 screens for games up. Almost finished two. Some have no time limit but over a month in the TOS if they even pay out. I’m tired from the experiment. I sorted out the tablet for the most part. Some games won’t run because I loaded Google onto an Amazon fire table. Works for some, some won’t run ads. The Amazon software on it is shit. I will post the links in the tech hack part of my site…

With the million other things I need to upload and change. I am using a discontinued template and have to change everything. If this is a 3-5 year plan before I call success or failure then I am already agreed.

I can leave it for a bit. It runs. Whatever.

I have my mp3 phone playing Beatles.

I have a wonderful watermelon rum wobbly pop on my balcony. I almost live on my deck more than my apartment. It is like being on a boat.

If I win the lottery I would figure out a way to buy this apartment. I love it. I would need to win the lottery to buy around here. I think the cheapest I saw was 600k.

If I won 1mil I would still need to work but at least I would own it. Apart from property taxes. And bylaws.

I am also watching a  cheesy movie from the 1980’s—The Aftermath.  I am on a apocalypse sci-fi movie binge watch inbetween live streams and news. The tv is cutting out but I need to re-scan.

I am doing a blog/YouTube review of ‘The Prophecy’ soon. It comes up alot in Christian circles. They miss watching 2&3 and the whole redemption story with Gabriel.

I do think that angels get a kick out of this plane of existence when the monkeys aren’t trying to rape and murder them. That was the point of sod/gom. Maybe I am reading a different book but the bible is pretty gross at parts. I see why angels would rebel.

Look at Jan 6th. Where is God in that mess yet there is this segment that believes in a fictitious holy war. Too bad words end with bullets. It’s shameful the churches that endorse violence and fascist control based on a book that has no more realistic bearing in modern society than Ulysses. (*packs up soapbox)

Going to be uploading my high school/university portfolio of artwork soon. Some videos of dance. I loved how the Warpaint Dance turned out. I have ideas in some outdoor places but have to get more stands if I am filming alone. I have some ideas with umbrellas. Long bolts of fabric in the wind against concrete covered in graffiti or empty train lines.

And back to the Batcave! Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.

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