Recovery after being in a cult

Watch “Courage 365: Leah Remini LIVE Q+A on Healing From Scientology” on YouTube

I wasn’t involved with Scientology but good advice. It is hard after leaving.

I don’t regret my time in church. I gave me a perspective on a side of society I wouldn’t normally have.

After seeing what is going on in Texas they scare the shit out of me. I cannot abide religion anymore.

Control isn’t spirituality.

I am better than I was. Ingress was a cult but at least it wasn’t trying to take away the human rights of half the population. And after taking a break, the community has changed, the game has changed. It doesn’t feel as toxic to play. Nobody is telling me I am going to burn in hell, just burn off that pandemic chubbiness.

Church never felt right.

But breaking up is hard to do🎶📻

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