Lies I was told in church

It’s tough to decide on the biggest one.

Where to start?

I would say one of the biggest one is tithes. I don’t know how many services that came up. At the cathedral there is a ATM by the door for donations and they pass the plate around but I have never heard them spend a whole service why people should give them money. I find it a disgusting practice with the Pentecostals. I find it disgusting any church or religious organization demands money but they really set a high score for scamming.

I need to give 10% before taxes and rent?

God doesn’t need money.

The Swaggarts preach that Jesus was a capitalist….um? Did they even read the book or just slap Jimmy’s hate filled ramblings in?

Ok it is the Swaggarts. Nobody expects anything less than a well calculated grift from those crackhead hillbillies but it’s the same in other churches.

Jesus wasn’t a capitalist. He wasn’t. Any church that says that cares more about your wallet than your soul.

So what does this magical 10% get you?

Why does a death cult need money anyways?

The Rapture is another lie. Evangelicals have a warped view of reality. If you trace back every time people prophecies about the rapture happening it would be almost a month occurence for the past 2000 years.

No. You will not float off to the sky. I know many people in Christianity hate their lives and wish they could get off the planet. I don’t blame them. We all have hit rough patches but they focus on the afterlife so much death is all they think about.

The amount of attempted suicides I saw as a mod was heartbreaking and most were kids.

How is that healthy for kids? No you don’t need education little Johnny and Suzie. That is the devil. Don’t care about climate change or the environment. That is the devil. Just pray and give the church money and one day Jesus will take you home.

Sick. People like that shouldn’t be around children. I found it so disturbing how brainwashed the kids were. No wonder they were trying to off themselves. All they are learning is hate and fear.

I think the biggest lie, other than Jesus is/was real, is that I am broken.

It upset me during the women’s camp this year. I don’t think I am broken because I don’t fit in traditional gender roles and I am still mad that I let people tell me that.

Fuck them.

Seriously fuck my old church and the man who got me into that cult. Fuck the Swaggarts and fuck all these crazy fake YouTube “Christians”. Fuck the Catholic Church for thousands of years of abuse of children.

Yes I said fuck you to religious organizations. I don’t care. It is my blog and I am mad about being in a cult.

I am not broken and being around people flopping around speaking in tongues wouldn’t fix me if I was. How is that the sign of anything but insanity. If there is a great Spirit I had it before the Pentecostal church. So fuck them double for saying God doesn’t love me because I am me.

It is toxic theology. It is evil to tell people they are broken and worthless. It is evil to exploit people with guilt and fear for money.

It was toxic. I am mad at myself I let people manipulate me. I know if there is a God out there I am loved.

Maybe they will forgive my stupidity because I am not very proud of myself.

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