Truth and Reconciliation Day 2021


Watch “Xe xe Smun’ eem – Victoria Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters” on YouTube

I think I have cried through most of this live broadcast. It means so much.

Healing can’t happen in silence. Now these families have a voice.

I spoke with Eddy Charlie at a multi-denominational service after the shooting at the mosque in New Zealand. At the time I was just starting my adventure in church. I still had a rose coloured view of Christianity.

We talked a bit about the shirts. I printed the 2016 year run and it was amazing to meet him.

He said he was being invited to churches for talks about his experience in Residential school but wasn’t sure why they were doing it, why they wanted reconciliation.

I said because they need to know the truth. They need to know how badly they hurt kids. I said he should keep doing it but don’t hold back. Be real, be honest, be brutal. The truth needs to get out

We can’t change the past but we can’t keep pretending nothing happened. Justin Trudeau dropped the ball. The government had the chance to pay for scans. Families are fundraising on their own.

We need to hold the Catholic Church accountable and if they abused children then they don’t deserve non-profit status. The church needs to say more than a flip statement. They are scared of the lawsuits but they messed up.

It is 2021. The silence has ended.

One day we will be free from the toxic theology.

Until then this discussion, this support for the Indigenous people needs to be more than just a day. It’s a good first step.

Best birthday present I could have asked for

Camosun’s anniversary logo — deeply rooted in Coast Salish myth and legend

I live in a very sacred place.

I was happy when they left. Hopefully they did, shoo. Get thee gone!!!. Too much drama with tabloids. Annnnnd looks real bad doing humanitarian work with this in the closet.

Colonialism was an ugly chapter and we can’t forget. Even if people continue to exploit it.

Addams Family Values came out in 1993. The last residential school ended in 1996.

Just to put it in context

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