Why I stopped subscriptions and donations

I am sick of fake people and bullies.

If I am doing YouTube “wrong” because I don’t do body shaming videos then better wrong than mean.

If I am doing YouTube “wrong” because I don’t make videos on the same circuit of fake ministers, some of them are out of my hands. It is in the hands of YouTube or law enforcement. Doing a bunch of videos won’t help legal proceedings.

If I am doing YouTube or my blog “wrong” because I call out real people and real issues I care about, I would rather be wrong than mean or shallow.

If I wanted click bait I have better ways to do it.

I am sick of bullies.

So much of this is junior high gossip.

Hey, you want to do that on your channel fine. Go hard.

I feel it is “wrong” to keep donating so people can be mean.

This has nothing to do wether I am Christian or atheist.

I am sick of otherwise intelligent people behave stupidly.

I may re-sign for a few. If they ghost me fine. Wouldn’t be my first rodeo.

I am upset. I keep being told it is no big deal and this is just how YouTube is.


No, this is continuing a cycle of violence. Words matter.

And I feel lighter for saying it. So often I am trying to be supportive and nice and even try to find the middle ground. What is the point of defending jerks.

Sometimes I can’t tell who believes in what because people act like toxic immature children.

Can I blame them. No. They lack education for the most part and have been fed the garbage we assume is media.

Can I blame them when it is so cutthroat to get subscriptions? No.

Can I vote with my dollars? Yes.

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