I don’t fit in…

And I don’t care.

I don’t fit in with the atheists or the theists. People tell me as much.

People are jerks for the most part. At least there is one probable fact in all this… people are mean.

Finally something they can agree on, how much I suck. Because I don’t hear that enough.

Christians are so judgemental. Atheists are rude and cold.

Both sides are nuts and for the most part filled with toxic people.

I think that religion is made up, it is fiction. But I still have this part of me that does believe and I am so fucking sick of people like Sidney saying that it’s stupid. Sorry my heart isn’t a shriveled up black lump like his must be.

Why does it matter what I believe. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t except to people who are insecure.

That applies to both sides. I am sick of it all.

My “religion” if you need a label is “none of your damn business”. And if more people acted like that maybe we could have a bright future.

Right now I am not optimistic about anything

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