A guy I was seeing stole my wallet once

I was 23.

I woke up he was gone and so was my wallet.

So was obviously upset and at 23 I wouldn’t have had the common sense to call the cops even if I was partying the night before. I was scared of cops then.

When I left my apartment I followed a crow.

It was a long walk, 2km thru downtown. I wish I was joking. I have no idea how this was possible.

It lead me to where he was passed out in a park and I still get a kick out of his face when I showed up. Somehow that look of fear and wonder is like Starbucks on a Sunday.

“how the fuck did you find me”

“I followed a crow”

He dumped my Id and wallet and I had to replace everything.

Spent the money on drugs.

I learned a lesson with trust that day.

I did see him years later and he seemed to be doing better. He went way further down than just stealing from a friend before he hit bottom.

I think I trust crows more than people.

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