I love my apartment 😍

I wake up every day and feel like I’m in a fancy hotel room in the Okanogan. This morning is warm but the misty fog hangs in the valleys.

Still no frost on the Highlands but I know it is coming. There is nothing like the smell of snow in the air.

My place is around 80% of my income. It’s just that way in a capital city.

It’s like a dance studio and safe. It’s central. I miss the water views I have had but waking up to a small, safe country town is priceless.

The pandemic changed everything. My apartment was a gift from God because my last places we horrible. I have never called the cops on people I have been living with that much in my life.

I wasn’t living, I was existing. I’m amazed I am alive and all I lost was artwork and clothes.

So on mornings like this I do give thanks to “God”.

No shame

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