🏵️ Photos from WW2🏵️

My grandpa enlisted the day it hit the wires in Canada what was going on. There wasn’t a question if he would enlist, it was how fast.

He was underweight like most of the guys enlisting. Him and his friends drank water the night before they meet the recruitment officers so they could get in. He was 18-19.

If he knew how the war would be he still would have done it. Great grandpa fought in WW1 but this was different.

I’m not sure if he is in there or the one holding the camera.

I don’t think this is him. People would trade photos. I have ones of the family he stayed with in Amsterdam. I will do another blog when I find them. I am a little emotional today and don’t want to look.

As a kid I thought they looked old. Any black and white photos did. Now I look at them and they look like kids

Look at the one at the end waving. He looks 16.

I don’t think kids today understand.

I love this photo but it is so tiny it was had to blow up. This looks like it was a mixed race battalion. I don’t know if grandpa was in charge of them or if he was fighting beside them.

He never talked about the war when he came home. He was a pharmacist. He was one of the kindest, gentlest people I knew. And he was cool. He was one of the first people I remember playing video games with. He would help pay for things like dance lessons and girl guides when my dad was “between jobs”.

My grandparents at 24(ish) for their wedding photo

Right now I have seen such a rise in hate. Ignorance. It’s not what my grandpa fought for.

If he were alive today after the ceremony we could watch Inglourious Bastards and I could tell him about my video games. He would shake his head sometimes but get a kick out hearing about pokemon. He would listen about my work and my silly online communities. My last trail walks.

We could have food grandma wouldn’t let him have normally 😉

I will never be a perfect enough person for Jesus but I know my grandpa would be proud and that’s good enough.

I will never stop standing against some things. I will stand up for equality and human rights.

Least we forget 🏵️

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