The epic tale of Big Bad John’s

I had a bra up there but it didn’t last a week. Someone still might be loving it.

Yes, the bar looked like this. And they would serve peanuts and you could throw your shells on the floor.

Needless to say if you had allergies it was not your best beverage option

There were strings to spiders that would drop on the tourists.

My last time it was my last time.

I have more stories about the night scene in Victoria, but I gave up on it way before the pandemic. After work I just want to stare at my phone and catch up with people online.

I might do a walking tour video when things are a little more quiet downtown. I have one planned for the new trails around Tillicum.

This was a bittersweet fun part of my life. Maybe on Friday I am a little nostalgic. It was always so much chaos and dumb adventures.

Another life. Not the one I have now.

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