NXIVM: a cult next door

“The Rise & Fall of Allison Mack | Documentary” on YouTube


This isn’t a typical reaction blog. This is more “omg this happened and was I living under a rock?” sorta dealie. Some of this came to light in 2017. I was living in a cave then so I forgive myself.

It’s funny what I miss on media breaks.

I wanted Hollywood so bad when I was young. I had no idea what kind of danger I could have been in.

I cannot believe this happened.

It’s worse than Scientology, more like Jim Jones meets 50 shades of bullshit.

I will be honest. I liked Smallville, but I didn’t see the full series until 2018. Seriously, I saw a few shows but didn’t have tv half the time. It was good but hearing the gossip and egos around the show I had a skewed image of the production. I wrote it off as show ponies. And the guy who played Lex was a dick in the pubs and clubs.

Funny how the perception of fame will corrupt even the nicest souls.

This is the case of Allison Mack.

I never liked her on Smallville. There was something about her I never trusted but I wrote it off to my own vanity and jealousy.

Smallville was an amazing time in Hollywood North. Well done show. Brings me back to a different time.

I used to feel angry, like I failed because I spent most of my life chasing the dream of art and fame and if I wasn’t an actress what was I?

Seeing this story gave me chills and Not The Good Girl has the best documentary on the cult and what happened. I have watched many on YouTube. It’s like watching a car crash.

It’s easy to get sucked in and manipulated. I’m not excusing or condoning her behaviour. She is lucky she only got 3 years. She has realized that she did bad things and helped take the leader Keith down. Her road to recovery will be difficult.

I just wonder, if I didn’t have all the road blocks, if I did get roles and had won that dream of the silver screen would I have been sucked in? I think her story freaks me out because I was so close.

Would I have been involved in worse?

This is a very extreme cult case, but how is it different than the tactics with any organization? How is this different than church? Same tactics, different words.

Stay safe, be smart and just because people are rich or famous doesn’t make them “good”.

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