An unlikely favorite view

I love watching roads and highways. Sitting in nature, listening to the birds, as the traffic lulls to the beat of waves breaking against the shore.

I spend alot of time in this park. I’ve seen it go from a homeless encampment to part of a bigger trail system. I like seeing people walk their dogs, old people will come up and say what a mess they parks department is doing, tell me stories about the mall and area. Most times people keep to themselves, just a friendly nod and smile. Victoria is funny that way, people are guarded and quiet. The silence in the trails too precious to be broken by words.

I’ve watched the construction over the years. It seems hard to imagine when the waves will multiply, when peaceful lanes be clogged with congestion and road rage. They built it double and it is already too small an upgrade.

Days like this are a luxury.

I will remember this day.

I’m sure to most of my friends this would be an entirely boring waste of time. To be fair some don’t understand quiet. Or nature.

How I normally see the world playing Resources

Calm roads and blue skies. A random artist also enjoying the view.

It made me smile someone else drawing in nature. I need to put down the screen and draw more. I love the fact I have such an amazing backdrop for my canvas


May my words be my painting and let them be blessed.

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