Envy green isn’t your colour dollface

Yes Sidney, this blog post is to you.

YouTube is probably not the place I should try to make friends. I generally treat it like fight club but even there has a more civilized approach to combat.

I am very sorry you have had a difficult life. I understand why you are bitter more than you give me credit for.

Why would I be friends with Canadian Catholic even if he is just as big a dick to me as you are.

Why would I try to be your friend?

Fucked if I know.

You are a beautiful person. I genuinely liked hanging out with you but you need to work on your pain. You need to sort out your heart.

Not to make a “Christian” or “theist” statement but you have a darkness there. You are not a healthy friend for me right now.

I have PTSD from church. I’m really working on it but removing something that does matter to me is mean.

I know you have been very seriously hurt in your life but lashing out at me won’t “fix” it.

I have known you for years but you hold that pain like a weapon and I can’t trust you to be a good friend. I really wanted to but you aren’t healthy right now.

What? Can you share scripture and have a real discussion about God? No.

Throwing negative emotions around won’t fix the problems in society with religion.

I can’t take away that pain. You could give it to Jesus. It sounds stupid but it works. It is that simple.

Or give it to Buddha, Krishna, Allah, FSM. Whatever.

You want to carry it.

And it affects your art. You are a brilliant editor and debate mediator.

I got frustrated because I saw so much potential.

You have a plan and agenda. You have no interest beyond that. I can’t trust you as a friend.

So please, continue to trash me on YouTube darling. Make me famous for being theist trash.

All I was to you was click bait anyways.


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