Creepy behavior online

If you catch a guy doing this, don’t stay on their site.

Women, we aren’t online to be someone’s personal ASMR.

There is a good reason I was always giggles and nervous on Sidney’s live streams.

He creeped me out and I even told him there was only one chat we did where I felt comfortable to “be myself”.

He says he has issues and needs to look at people to understand their emotions.


No Sidney it’s called being a creepy old guy.

Also just because someone spends years in therapy doesn’t make them a psychiatrist or psychologist. I didn’t see any medical diplomas on his wall.

Once again, he had a hard life but there is no excuse for being creepy.

And he can read. Guys are visual/audio. He was being a voyeur.

If he wants that from me I should have been charging a few brown bills an hour. Treat me like a whore, he should have paid for the privilege.

So women, if a guy tries this, don’t play along.

A man in his 60’s knows this is inappropriate behavior. Sidney likes playing the “victim” card only to be twice as abusive.

Saying I am crazy because I felt uncomfortable is like saying someone who was raped screamed too much.

I reported his live stream last night for saying churches should be burnt.

Harmful acts related to fire. Promotes terrorism.

It isn’t “free speech” to endorse acts of violence.

I’m not crazy for being spiritual.

I’m not crazy for standing up to a fascist.

And I’m sure not crazy for feeling uncomfortable around an abusive old perv.

One thought on “Creepy behavior online

  1. Just wondering if he wants to include synagogues in his bonfire? Acts of violence against any religious organization are wrong. Fight them in the courts if you are so inclined but NEVER endorse arson on YouTube.

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