Supporting Palestine doesn’t make you anti-Semitic.

Yes I do take this personally.

How dare Israel do this.

I think that if Sidney wants to claim to be a humanist, an atheist, he needs to let some things go.

I am doing this because I have never encountered someone so culturally biased and I am very uncomfortable with his stance.

“burn down all the Catholic churches”…”there is only a one State”…wow, great ambassador for the Atheist community. Endorsement of violence?

If someone walks away from their religion then should they be taking sides?

I am honestly disturbed that someone who claims to be progressive screams and yells when anyone criticizes the current state of Israel. We need to discuss things in a civil manner. Sidney won’t even let you talk.

Sidney claims supremacy of Jews yet says there is no God and anyone who believes in God is crazy?

Sure, that makes sense.

I am upset by a flip comment.

You know where burning holy places leads.

Stop calling yourself a humanist who believes in free speech when they blew up the (*bleeping) Al Jazeera building!!!! Fuck you. Of course I am mad at you for pulling this kind of attitude.

Which side are you on anyway?

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