Outkast Saturday

After getting scammed on an order at work and feeling demoralized I needed a bit of happy.

“Outkast – B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) (Official HD Video)” on YouTube

This one reminds me of Iraq 2.0. it was like my Vietnam. It still is the end of life as I knew it. I want to write more about that time. I’m not ready.

Hey, Ya!🕺

This sounds like a happy song but it is bittersweet. I have happy memories. Even now you put it on you will have people with happy wiggles.

Even now it’s still popular

The Whole World

This is so dark. I know it is personal but I think we all can relate to it. ❤️🕺

I am working on a dance video for this. I will risk the trolls on YouTube.

I was told last night I was an “ugly gross old washed up woman”

Should I just kill myself if I’m that ugly, old and worthless?

I guess they think so. It hurt but I’m not letting it get to me….also spent an hour looking up the cheapest Botox treatments.

I shouldn’t let it get to me. He never goes on cam. People like that are insecure, also tempting fate.

You can look like a movie star and get in an accident. Where will looks get you if you were such a vain troll everyone hates you.

I am a fucking star. Not everything is based on looks. I am more than a show pony. Yes I want a few tweeks and upgrades but IT’S A PANDEMIC!!! FFS I am still in restrictions. Sorry but you will have to deal with me looking hideous for a while.

So far the mirrors haven’t cracked when I look into them. And yes, I might look like a vampire cat but I do have a reflection.

People are dicks. If you are a bright light weak trolls want to put you down because they are insecure.

YouTube, Discord, Facebook….we have developed a culture of bullies. It’s sick and it’s not worth my time.

Other people in the chat felt uncomfortable because he was singling me out after I blocked him just to embarrass me more.

🖕here is your food troll. May God be merciful with karma. Hope you have good breaks eh, wouldn’t want your pretty face to go through a windshield.

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