If you are “winning” on Discord…

You are most likely losing in life.

Sorry for pointing out the obvious fact that online isn’t “reality” and even if you think you are important on Discord…

Your not. Sad but true. You are most likely a loser.

And a guy.

It seems that the glass ceiling isn’t limited to the boardroom, it is all around us.

I’m noticing more that it seems men are dominating the atheist/theist debates on YouTube. I’m still trying to figure out why.

Maybe women are the only ones with jobs.

My first thought is men are self important and think no matter what they say, it is important and they are right.

The comedy comes in when another man thinks his opinion is the only correct one.

Ever see moose butt horns? Kinda like that. Oh sure both bucks think they are the alpha but no, sadly Bambi doesn’t care and is doing it with Thumper.

I have no patience. I have seen all sorts of social media over the years and they all end up being a sausage fest.

But never tell that to a man. Oh no, that would shatter their fragile ego.

I said that to Sidney and I could see his face drop. Wow, you spent years “winning” debates and guess what, nobody cares.

This is one of the biggest reasons I started this blog (as well as a tax shelter, no shame).

I have no voice on traditional social media.

Maybe if I spent my time doing makeup videos or fashion vids. It seems like there isn’t a category for me. Sure I like playing dress up but I would like to think my life has more substance than being a show pony.

After 30 nobody cares if you are attractive as a woman. I sometimes wish I was dead not getting old. It’s more humane.

Thank you for Discord for telling me how worthless I am.

I would care but I don’t. I really don’t care about losers. Fine, I’m a gross old woman. At least I’m not YOU. If I was YOU then I really would want to be dead. It seems like YOU have more a problem with me than I had with YOU being a pathetic useless creature.

How is that life? Winning on Discord by being an awful person? It is like fight club. People aren’t there to be “smart” they are there to be mean.

When I get a new computer I will do live streams more. Right now I don’t care plus all that will happen is dumb men telling me I’m stupid and worthless. Sounds like a great use of wifi.

I don’t care if you won a million debates on Discord, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s a waste of time. Maybe if I had a penis I would care because Discord makes it seem bigger.

Thanks for the invite Josh but you and your boy toys can enjoy your circle jerk. Stroke those egos. I don’t see the benefits.

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