Sidney loves Shanny

He must. He does enough videos about her

He blocked me in the side chat because I believe in a two state solution for Israel and he is ok with that country commiting acts of war against news outlets like Al Jazeera.

And I called him out for being sexist.

But morbid curiosity gets me  I pop in and see his channel.

Don’t tell him but I have a whole drinking game based around the number of times he is muted and carries on talking.

I don’t like Shannon. I think she is an awful, abusive human. You would think I would like her being called out and shamed.

There are so many channels trashing her.

It’s not WHAT someone says sometimes but HOW

And I am sick of hearing about garbage people from trash humans. It’s like high school. Stupid gossip.

So please Sidney please keep making your “review” videos. Keep being a gossip and bully. Just don’t complain when nobody takes you seriously when you cover real topics. You lose credibility.

But you don’t care anyways.

It’s almost more fun being blocked and reviewing the review. I can be honest when I’m not under a microscope of crazy.

If I was like Sidney I would post the video I made of this stream.

I’m not.

I’m a better human than that.

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