Grow a set Wildheart

I am getting so much flack for being upset. I don’t care. Well, a little so I will vent here and go on with my life.

It isn’t the fact he was calling me attractive. Thanks eh. He could have left it at that but no, he had to describe in graphic details how wonderful my image excited his penis.

Here is someone who calls the medics evey other hour because he has a fungal mouth infection. Sexy eh. So an uneducated Brit with a possible std thinks I am hot.

I would rather take a bullet.

Thanks. I thought I could trust him as a friend. I can’t.

My brother in law is from Manchester. My sister and Chris did a reception there but everyone was so drunk like Wildheart they got a hotel room and left on the next flight to Canada. A week wedding vacation turned into an overnight adventure because people are toxic drunks.

I thought he was being a square but after meeting Wild I don’t blame him. No way would I want that as part of my culture or raise kids in. It’s a different culture there

Mold is a culture.

It’s not what he said, it’s how he said it. I went from being a friend to being a blow up doll in minutes. How is that what Jesus would do? I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I let a smeggy self absorbed loser use me as a whore.

So fuck you. I would call him by his real name but why dox the spoiled scumbag.

He’s not stupid. He knows exactly how to manipulate his family and the YouTube community for attention.

Then getting roasted on Smokey’s stream because I am such an ugly worthless woman I should be happy even a sleezy wanker like Wild was hitting on me was the icing on the cake.

Like high school. Drama, gossip and people going nowhere in life.

I would shame Wild more but Sir Cumdumpster does it to himself.

He won’t read this and even if he did it wouldn’t matter.

He wants to be a victim.

And I am better than a blow up doll.

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