Sad confession…

I originally got my business license to do Pornhub. This was not my plan for 2021.

I thought I could get on their site and get tax breaks for doing little high heel videos. Not actually take my clothes off.

Sometimes God steps in an saves you from a false step. They were upgrading their software and my identification was delayed on getting approval.

Ok, it wasn’t “God” but Mia who still hates me from years ago. Whatever, nobody was a sane or good human in the early years, get over it. I had other staff apologize but it was too late.

So I started writing

I got hundred of views and likes for my writing and being nice without even posting a picture of my privates.

I am not ashamed. Ever since really studying theology I don’t look at sex the same way.

I want to be treated better. I don’t want to be part of the problem with body dysmorphia which media has become.

Nobody thinks I am saved or a theist. I am.

I am fine with being a “none”

If I am a bride of Christ, dispute it being a shotgun wedding, I do take pride in my role.

Will I misbehave? Of course. But I am very different.

“I’m flesh and blood, what does Jesus have over me?”

Quote from someone who works for a church and was trying to get in my pants.

Nuff said. I might seem like a bad girl but you have to be tough dealing with monsters.

Thank you Jesus for leading me on a better path. This site is like the Oak Island of portfolios but at least there is no pressure, I can be me.

I might take one of my other domains to do more risque stuff but it’s not important.

Ok food is important but I would rather starve than do things on camera I don’t feel comfortable with for rent.

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