It will need major renovations to be a hotel again

When I was homeless I paid 2k a month to stay there. I got up every morning and went to work.

Not sure if it was the Bible or the axe or the fact I kept my room immaculate

I even got a rose from housekeeping because my room was so nice and I tipped well.

I get mad because (*this next statement might be triggering but suck it up snowflake)

Junkies and paid protesters got those rooms for free and it will never be a clean hotel again.

It was bad when I stayed. And I paid a lot of money.

They got the rooms for free.

I have no sympathy. How can I feel good about people exploiting the system.

Especially when I needed help I lived in fear and paying twice as much as a normal apartment. And all those people got everything for free for two+ years.

Sorry your lease is up but when I didn’t have a home nobody gave me handouts.

Apart from a rose from a very kind person.

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