In loving memory of a true superhero🌺 Sarah Weddington

“Roe V Wade Lawyer Sarah Weddington Dies at 76” on YouTube

My condolences to her family and community. She was truly an angel and God called her back.

I can’t imagine a world without her and the work she did. It would be a nightmare.

It’s heartbreaking to see what is happening in the States. I’m so scared. Being on religious sites and talking to Americans on YouTube I’m genuinely terrified.

How long before Canada turns back the clock on human rights? How long until I am no longer a “citizen” with the right of bodily autonomy?

The Handmaid’s Tale, coming soon to a neighborhood by you?

Never. You think we riot over hockey? You don’t wanna try to turn us into Texas. We are only so polite.

It’s not “pro-life”, it’s “anti-women”. Considering what some of these so called “moral” Christians say is disgusting. They don’t care about life, they condone the murder of the LGBTQ community or blowing up Planned Parenthood clinics. Some think it’s ok to marry a 12 year old or worse.  I won’t repeat it here or give attention to their channels.

It’s sick. How Christians behave like that is beyond me.

Why I think Canadian Jesus and America Jesus are different. Canadian Jesus is pretty chill, hangs out with me when I’m hiking. He can’t help the Leafs but he is trying ğŸ˜ž Ok with a little legal green. Love you Big-J. You are the best imaginary purple elephant I could ever have the pleasure of dreaming of.

They don’t “own” God. Nobody does. They just trash God’s reputation. Shameful.

Seems like “life” ends at the womb. It’s pro-life until they get to kindergarten then it’s open season?

Where is God when school shootings are so common they don’t even make the mainstream news. Where is God when people go homeless to pay for medical procedures? Where is God when kids starve in a so-called first world country? I don’t see alot of “pro-life” but a celebration of death and commerce.

Pro life but you can pick between the gas chamber or firing squad for execution. Sure eh. I can tell “life” is important.

‘murica can go back to the dark ages.  They are pretty much there already.

Canadian women will not give up our rights to insane religious zealots without a fight. We will not be second class citizens to men again. We will not give up our legal rights over our bodies. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP CHOICE.

Didn’t Jesus say about the breath being the mark at life? Maybe they didn’t get to that part. I know education is a challenge down there but reading is important.

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