Don’t drop the soap eh***Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty in Sex Trafficking Case***

****trigger warning, this is a very disturbing court case.****

More than two years after Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide behind bars, and following a shorter-than-expected trial, his longtime companion Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of multiple sex trafficking charges. A New York City jury found that Maxwell was Epstein’s chief enabler, recruiting and grooming young girls for him to abuse. The twelve jurors found Maxwell guilty on five of the six charges,…”

Finally. Thank (*bleeding) God.

I’m not going to rant about how evil her and Epstein were.

I am going to say how disgusted I am. I’m still trying to sort some of this out.

All I feel is rage.

Money shouldn’t allow people to abuse children. This is one case of many.

Personally I get so creeped out. As older women we are supposed to protect young people, not exploit them. How she could do that is evil. The whole Epstein case was evil.

Yet condoned. This went on for decades and it was treated like a joke. Old men are just like that whatever, they can’t help it.

FUCK THAT. They should be able to control themselves. What is wrong with society? This goes on with people who are supposed to be community leaders.

If men can’t control themselves maybe they shouldn’t be in positions of power. If women enable this abuse they deserve the full weight of justice on their twisted heads.

People think I am a bitch online. I have to be. Kids aren’t safe. Why I shut down the Swaggarts live chat. Stranger Danger, and that was a ministry that has a school.  Gross.

This was around for years, nobody did anything. They aren’t the only ones commiting these acts. They were just the biggest ones to go down, yet.

I know law enforcement is trying to catch the others. It’s such a big system. I wish them all the luck and angels. We need to end this in society.

I can only pray this sends a message that nobody is above the law.

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