Olive branch or camp fire…why not walk away

First off, I would like to state, as I have many times before, YouTube isn’t reality.

Asking me to be myself on a private channel and saying it’s being recorded isn’t how friends develop trust in the world.

I don’t need friends like that.

I already said I was taking a step back in the new year and last night proved why.

I have been in online communities in entertainment and gaming for 20 years. They are just like this. 

Maybe Richard is being genuine. He really does want to be my friend and the Christian in him sees an angry kitten and wants to save me.  I don’t trust him. I don’t trust anyone in the YouTube community and I think it is a good rule to have in life on social media.

He comes across so condensing and passive aggressive I honestly go into hockey mode. No shame.

It’s like a high school clique. Sorry I disrupted the “family”. 

“who the fk is Paul?”

I remember. He seemed polite but then went into how he doesn’t like the LGBTQ+ community and didn’t think trans people should have rights.  We basically ignored each other. I barely had talked to the guy. I’m not going to get demonized because I didn’t agree with someone like that. I’d forgotten about it because he is that unimportant.

So weird.

It’s dumb drama I don’t need.

If I want attention from drunks like wildheart I don’t need to go online for it. Thanks eh. Ain’t that desperate.

I wish Richard luck in life. He has a brilliant career as a cult leader ahead of him. I genuinely think his drafting is beautiful but he is so out there with religion it’s hard to talk to him. And he is beyond sexiest. All of that crew is.

I said my piece and not giving him any more attention. Not worth it

No worries about a little social media distance.

I think I will stick to my own thing

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