Coming soon to a neighborhood by you?

“New Year, old Taliban: alcohol dumped and shopkeepers forced to cut heads off fashion mannequins” on YouTube

I guess I should scratch Kabul off my vacation destination list.

I don’t agree with sanctions against countries but if the Taliban want a big kid seat at the table this isn’t the way to do it.

Their country had so much potential. Now back to the dark ages with militant uneducated kids trying to be big men.

After “idols” what is next. Real women?

Ok I get the passive aggressive message but wow. You don’t own “God”.

I was working on a fun secular blog but this came across the wire. I will have to rewind the movie now. It upsets me and it’s hard to have fun seeing this happen.

It’s not the window displays, it’s the message it sends and one of the reasons I flipped out on Richard and other men online.

I’m not an idol. It’s an effort to silence women. I see men here starting to do the same. It’s not the overt attempt to strip away human rights, it’s the fact it’s treated like a joke because women haven’t had rights as citizens for long in the west.

If this is going on we have miles to go.

By the grace of God I’m able to live a simple life and make silly pointless videos.

I might lose my head in some parts.

Scary af. Happy new year?

Next video happier, sorta.

It’s hard to get in the mood knowing people would kill me no problem because I’m not the “right” kind of woman.

So fu Taliban. I feel bad for the people you control but you can’t be trusted with money or respect from the global community. It’s so hard. I feel like a traitor saying I can’t give humanitarian aid but if they get an inch no woman in the region is safe. It’s sick to say but they are almost better off starving. Women will die under this regime regardless. If they can’t get out they have no future. It will be like when Isis ran through Syria.

And men in Canada and the USA want this again for so-called Christian rights? Canadian Jesus says no.

I feel sick. I see this and see Texas I am so scared as a woman I can’t think of fun movie reviews.

Who needs horror movies when you can watch human rights stripped away.

Instead of dumping that alcohol they could have run their donated American jeeps off it. Dumbasses.

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