Finally these scumbags will hopefully have a day in court

“New York Attorney General Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump” on YouTube

Oh Ivanka, your so hot but so sleezy. I’d do you if you weren’t so soulless and evil. Don Jr. Is a joke, not as bad a Eric. They are all worthless, entitled thiefs.

I’m tired of people like them thinking they are above the law. Where the fk was Ivanka on January 6th? Is she proud of her daddy, especially considering he would bang her if she wasn’t his daughter…or maybe he does. I’m not trying to make light of child abuse but Trump has said some real creepy things.

Her hubby and her did a bunch of back room deals. It is disgusting how much power these freaks held.

This has to go through. These losers are going to try to block the subpoenas. Basically saying they have no respect for the country they grift off of.

If this is what the USA stands for… they shouldn’t be a world superpower.

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