A lifetime ago this was my dream job

“WATCH LIVE: Opening of second time capsule found during removal of Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond” on YouTube

I don’t agree with the slavery systems that founded the States, but I believe in the preservation of history. Even if it’s uncomfortable. This was so fascinating to watch. The people working on the time capsule were so gentle. 

They even make little comments like a surgical team would say.

My favorite part was a coin in the pages of a book.

We can’t cancel history. We need to face it head on. We can’t change the past but if we pretend ugly things like slavery didn’t happen we are doomed to repeat it.

I have told people flat out it’s not them as a person. Someone like CJ Cox is so far in the political right I’m scared of them.

I will never agree with that political side, but if we keep canceling each other it will become a vacuum. An echo chamber. I’m scared of people like CJ and Smokey. As horrible as they are, as gross as their statements are, it’s better they are out there then letting their brand of fascism bubble and boil in dark corners. That’s how Q happened.

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    1. Last Canada Day people pushed a statue of James Cook into the harbour. It freaked me out to watch and I was so thankful I didn’t have to be downtown around the crowd. Removing statues violently won’t change the history of the country.

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