Silly Karaoke Saturday

Woohoo! Another copyright violation!

I wasn’t going to publish this but it was so hilarious hearing 420 Brojo’s stream in the background. The guys were swearing so much it sounds like a real pub.

I would share the link to that stream but I didn’t stick it out to the end.

The rest turned into the typical sausage fest of men trying to figure out how much less women deserve to be paid because we get periods. Somehow in their little brains are obsessed with how that makes us worthless.  Or they are bloodthirsty vampires.

They will spend hours discussing menstruation. Women don’t talk about it as much as I hear from the guys on their channels.

Pretty much all the women bailed at that point.

This was a nightmare to get up.  Technology isn’t my friend right now.  One day I will have a better computer and a calmer life.

If I had a better computer I could clean up the audio. I wanted to boost up the background and edit some parts. I hate doing the “la la la” bits but it blocked out the “f” word🤦

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