Vancouver Island has the highest vax rates, had the lowest infections, we need normal back NOW

B.C. plans for eventual slow removal of COVID restrictions

I have respected Dr. Bonnie Henery but enough is enough. People are done. We can’t keep living like this. Trudeau was lying on the news and CBC let him do it. Think that the public trusts the media anymore?

It’s done. No mandates, no more restrictions. I am pro-vax, getting my booster.

Stop turning the island into a prison. Maybe she hasn’t see downtown but we need our economy back, we need normal back.

Enough is enough

This was supposed to be 2 WEEKS not 2 years. If we don’t stand up we lose democracy. We have the right to protest and we aren’t a fringe.

We are Canada. What about our mental health Dr. Bonnie? The health of our economy? Our medical system was a joke before this. It might crash but we are DONE as a nation.

No more restrictions and no more mandates.

We will lose our freedom.

The mainstream media has been lying. Does this look like a “fringe”?

Kinda like a tailgate in Ottawa and they ain’t moving until this is lifted and we have to risk normal again.

Please reconsider. Seems like the people have spoken


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