Former friends as fake as the CBC News

If I can even call them that.

A better term is “people from YouTube who I spend time with and pretend care about me”.

I don’t know if I will forgive Andy and Sammy for a while. Or ever. Funny how people who claim to be progressive, logical and humanist can act like bloody Nazis.

I feel betrayed. If this is how “friends” behave I don’t need them. I don’t need toxic people. They were never “real” friends anyways, not like anything I’m going to say will hurt their feelings. They sure didn’t care about mine.

Sammy was so rude on Friday. “are you still here?” What an asshole. He bullied me out of the chat I was having with Richard and talked down to me. I’m not one of your kids jack-off.

Andy damn well scared me. He would rather strap the truckers down, force them to get jabed and back into the trucks.

He is an atheist and has no respect for religion. It’s 10% and they are protected by law and if a elitist yank wanker can’t figure that out don’t come to Canada.

The truckers have been holding the country together this entire pandemic and all they want is want is their human rights respected. 10% is such a small number. If someone like Andy can’t respect a basic human rights like bodily autonomy and religious freedom I don’t want to be around him, I don’t trust him anymore.

Or Sammy. If he wants to be a bully fine. Go do it to someone else. I’m done.

I feel like an idiot wasting my time with them. Ignorant showponies.

I was so scared and needed support from friends not treated like garbage. Seems like I am handling it alone anyways. Better off without people like that.

It’s over. It’s time to lift the restrictions and stop the border mandate from going through.

Why did we get vaxed? So we could go back to normal. Nobody is stopping Andy or Sammy from wearing masks and continuing to raise their kids in a medical prison. The way they talk they enjoy the control and fear. Have fun boys.

Here in Canada we are done.

We cannot let this go further or we lose a generation. People here are willing to risk everything so their kids can try to have a normal childhood whatever is left.

People will risk it all to protect their religious rights. End of story.

Much like our so-called friendship.

They picked the wrong side of history.


3 thoughts on “Former friends as fake as the CBC News

  1. Crypta, I think sometimes people in the YouTube community forget that they are interacting with real people, not just images on a screen. I’m sorry you’ve been treated the way you have. Just remember: you are not alone in this. ❤️

    1. It was so unbelievably scary up here and nobody got it or would listen to me. I needed help from people bigger than myself. Pretty much made it clear I’m not welcome in the community anymore and I accept that. Lots of people have. Canada is worth standing up for.

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