Poll Showing Views Based on Vaccine Status – Propaganda in Canada😱 Commentary from Clyde Do Something

I have made several tweets and posts about how it seemed everyone switched from needle emojis to Ukraine flags overnight….

I wasn’t being weird or paranoid….the Canadian government and military really were experimenting on us with propaganda.

Not just my government…. many governments.

Some of my “acquaintances” (I wouldn’t go so far as to consider them friends anymore) are in the UK and they have a cultural hatred of Russians so I forgive them for jumping on the band wagon.

To the Canadians who support “Russian sanctions even if it means higher prices and less availability of goods here”…can I have your job or at least your wages.


Oh wait, your not.

I worry about the lack of critical thinking with otherwise seemingly intelligent people.

More and More I worry about people so hateful, so willing to shut down that little voice in their heads that says “maybe I should think about this, ask questions, do research”

I don’t agree with the actions of Russia and have always been clear about my position, but I’m not going to start blindly hating a country when my own is ten times as corrupt as Putin could be.

I’m not sure how this year will play out.

I’m only grateful I’m going through it with eyes open. I can only pray the people in my life start doing the same.

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