Why we need to keep RT

I couldn’t drop this.   Nothing personal Adam, it’s like one of those “bro” moments. You need to stop on some of the points you are making before you say something that’s really dumb.

I’m not sure if you go to church. And if you do,  I don’t think it was an American one. You don’t understand their perspective. Jesus is a line you don’t cross.

In 2020 I was involved with an American church. People really believed that if they took the vax Jesus wouldn’t let them into heaven. You might have other options but I was trying to council people who were that afraid. It’s that deep in their hearts.

Like here, 95% were on board or willing to do it for travel. That other 5% were so much of a believer and, (regardless if you agree with it or not) will never be convinced otherwise. 

That is still a Charter right. Whatever is left of religious freedom.  I know you don’t understand it. I don’t always agree with it, but this is part of our laws.  

Even more so in the States. You try to take away God and it’s at the end of a bullet. It’s not like that here… well, maybe Alberta but that explains their vax rates compared to ours.

I know you think Putin controls everything but he can’t control Jesus.

Which comes to RT

I was on their YouTube side chats from 2016-2022. Count the number of conflicts that has been, the number of world events that has happened, the number of fireworks at new years.   Someone in media shouldn’t be celebrating censorship. You have no clue what I have been thru with them as a freelance troll.  It was funny to make jokes about Putin’s nipples.  We all need hobbies.

RT were sometimes the only news crew in conflicts. Without them we wouldn’t have known what was happening.

The only time I ever in all those years did I see “Russian interface” has been during the Portland riots but on day 72,  I can see how any reporter would flip out. It went nuts down there. He was American, just a local kid. I even called them out on it because they had a rule of no talking while recording and that wasn’t how to burn a Bible.

“guess none of us took boy scouts”  Nope 🤣

It’s Portland. Image Pandora St.  times 100 in hulk mode. Once again, they didn’t need Russian interface for that mess.

I firmly believe we need to keep whatever is alive of RT in the West.   As a network I saw nothing but raw feed usually. There was no reporting and and their unmonitored chat was like the wild west.  They supported free speech in their chat more than other news channels.   Most people had moved to other platforms so when it shut down, it was one or two of us old timers and kids from India flirting (rule 88 of YouTube live chats).  Ohhh, big security risk.

I even have been sharing it on YouTube out of protest even if it was on a painfully repetitive loop.  Chris Hedges? He almost lost his entire archive and it can happen to anyone now.

We need to keep the Russian embassy open here. Did you forget they are North of us? After all the Defense budgets I heard we might want to keep diplomatic lines open.  Do you think if they wanted Canada they could roll in? Pretty much. They don’t need propaganda, we lost.

We didn’t need the Russians unless our government officials have been bought off.   Please Jesus, let it be bribery because I feel sick knowing we had a dishonorable discharged drama teacher-for-bad-touching moron running the show on his own. No Adam, even Putin couldn’t mastermind this level of stupidity and corruption, we did it to ourselves.

I got called a terrorist a few years ago because of Al Jazeera English. Isis bride. All of that. I lost friends. Now people don’t care they hate the Russians too much. Where was the government getting out the translators from Afghanistan? I will spare you the race and country politics on that one. Does war only matter if people are white?

I will take risks to stand up for free speech even if I feel sick sometimes and want to cancel it myself. You know how ugly or uncomfortable Bible study can be? Especially with fundamental Americans? I don’t recommend it. Vic council is brutal enough. 

Seriously dude, stop trying the Art Bell nonsense,  I will need a new tin foil helmet at this rate. Not everything is a conspiracy. Could dig a little deeper before you draw connections that have nothing to do with things as simple as fireworks on New year’s. Of course Putin is committing genocide but so are the Ukrainians. Neither side is right and RT hasn’t been saying anything different than the West has. War speaks for itself.

If you want to critique propaganda start with the CBC. The only reason I payed attention to the Ottawa protest was they sped up the footage and faked things to make it look like a riot. I was mad because I could see how much the public was being lied to by the MSM. During the EMA anyone who was supportive could have had their accounts shut down and gone to jail, including myself simply for the content on our social media.  We cannot let this be Canada.

I shared my outlook.  I wish everyone peace. We need to take a step back from cancel culture. All I am asking is you be gentler in your opinions regarding RT. 

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