Girls love their keychains

The little backpack I have had since I was 7 or 8. I think they made things better in the 1980’s. I love it so much. For all my moving around I still have it.

The silver Grafted in Romans 11:19 I have had since 2013. Some people have an N.A. coin for sobriety, I took a different route.

One night walking down Fort street there was a lady who didn’t feel comfortable walking. She was my Mom’s age. I don’t dress fancy and normally she might have not asked me where a bus stop was . I showed her that and walked with her to the stop. She said there was a rise in anti-Semitic violence the city and didn’t feel safe always. God moves in mysterious ways.

I made the little rainbow bag it is on. I think it took me 6-12 hours. About 4 movies.

Ogopogo is another one from childhood. It is BC’S Loch Ness. We don’t have a name for the one in Cameron Lake and it’s deep enough they might be the same thing.

If Justin Trudeau can show up any kind of monster can. Too bad we don’t have sharks but they don’t eat their own kind.

I have longer posts planned but I might have gotten in trouble on Twitter tonight. Ain’t my first rodeo.

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