The challenges of Pandora

Hebrews 13:5

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee 🙏❤️

Before the pandemic I was approved for being a spiritual care volunteer for Our Place.

I didn’t apply for the position, I had gone with a church group and applied to help with their art program. I was new to the church and some of the members were shocked I was asked for the position. I was as well but it seemed like a good fit for me. I wanted to help out.

I studied world religions as part of my art degree. I think God has many faces and Our Place is multi-denominational. I am good at talking to people from many different positions in life. That’s all the position was, listening to people, letting them express their spiritually, be a soundboard. It’s not a dignity people think of with homelessness or addiction they lose It does matter to people to connect with whatever higher power they choose to or not choose to. Respect for atheists is just as important in a role like that.

The biggest part, was listening and not judging and not treating the family any different than I would a friend at coffee.

I turned down the position. Not because I felt uncomfortable being at the shelter, I never felt unsafe. I had a psychotic roommate as many of us have to deal with. He wasn’t paying rent and we would fight. I’ve never had to call the cops on someone I was living with that much.  I couldn’t in good conscience council people when I was one step to living in a tent myself.

Then the pandemic happened. I saw my city turn into a warzone.

I can understand why the caller on the radio show was scared. I am. I live in Saanich and we don’t have the problems of the downtown core. 

I am going to do a trip downtown and see what is going on for myself. I wasn’t scared to be at Our Place before. I want to see what the local residents are seeing.

I used to live downtown and know how heartbreaking it is for local businesses and residents to be afraid. It’s been a problem growing for years. My biggest concern is that the Victoria city council is enabling rather than empowering. All I meant about tough love. Only a matter of time before Warrants Wednesday starts clearing people out who have committed crimes in other provinces

I don’t have easy answers right now.

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  1. No easy answers, no difficult ones either. Just questions, and a fearless adherence to your principals. Thanks for the post, Crypta.

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