🇨🇦M.P. Melissa Lantsman’s speech on Holocaust Denial l Bill C-250🕎❤️✝️

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We can’t forget. There were more than Jews in the camps. It was Gypsies, political activists, anyone gay, anyone different.

If we don’t stand up and stand together then we all are lost.

We still need to stand up. 🏵️We cannot let history be removed from our textbooks or hearts.

I am concerned about Zionism. I will always stand up for Palestine. It’s not a secret and I try to be respectful in and debates.

Not hate, in poor taste #FreePalestine

MP Lantsman’s discussion is about the preservation of history and I am getting chills listening to her because I have seen it on the rise in the States for years.

Like she said, not in my country.

To deny the Holocaust is to deny every Cenotaph, every Veteran.

On the flip side…

If my taxes go to the CBC I’m going to make it entertaining for myself

I love the Dukes. But the whole Confederate flag thing eh…we really don’t get it up here. Awkward 🤷🤦🇨🇦

My only concern with this bill is that it will be abused to limit free speech and expression or whatever is left in Canada. If it wasn’t so poorly written there would be no worries and I appreciate MP Lantsman addressing that point in the legislation.

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