Good news on the Tamara Lich trial🇨🇦❤️

I had no idea who Tamara was before the Ottawa protest. I don’t think many Canadians did outside of Alberta.

This was a victory in court, a small one that sends a clear message to government. There has never been a case in Canada where someone is facing 10 years for a mischief charge.

Here is what she said the day before she knew she was getting arrested. I cry when I listen to it. She knows she is going to jail, and is telling people to pray for Trudeau and not have the “fuck Trudeau” flags because he has kids and it’s upsetting to her. How is that what a dangerous right wing terrorist would say.

I guess the offense part was praying.

I’m not connected with the convoy, never went when it was in Victoria. All I am doing is standing up because I am concerned for the safety of Tamara and today was a victory. Regardless of how you feel about the convoy you should be considered

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