Grumpy strawberries 🐞

I have a few plants that have managed to not blow off the balcony. Almost lost my mint twice today but it’s safe in a sheltered part now.

Lilacs in oil
Lilac and rose toner

I am also trying some old school beauty recipes.

I was hoping to make perfume but it didn’t work out. However I have a wonderful natural facial toner. It’s what our great (great, great, great) grandma’s did and I think I did well on it.   It has that little tingle of the high end ones, but it doesn’t have a whole list of ingredients. All it’s ingredients are—water, vodka, lilacs and tea roses. That’s all rose water was.  It’s not even that much vodka. The oil batch is oil and lilacs.

The trick is the freezing. I had them in the icebox for a few weeks now. The oil is taking forever to defrost but I don’t want to heat it. I am going to get some coco butter and coconut oil to mix in and then maybe add some essential oils. It feels good on the hands but not as good smelling as I wanted.

I will have to look up how people used to make perfumes. I have been moving towards more natural products. We don’t need all the chemicals especially on the largest organ in our bodies…or would it be on? There is a grammar challenge.

This cost about the same as a name brand astringent and massage oil but it’s hard to find anything with lilacs anymore.

I’m excited. Next step is straining out the liquid from the flower petals. 

In church people would talk about Holy Water and if you have seen some Pentecostal services they do use a similar oil. I have no illusions. I don’t understand it but if it works for them whatever.

My skin is happy even if my strawberries aren’t. All I care about. And I think God cares about as well

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