BC=Bring Cocaine?

In the same week we banned the sale of handguns we do this in BC.

How is the a good thing? Either one?

It’s a well intentioned law, but if it  only happens in BC to have the decriminalization of hard drugs, it’s a gateway to disaster.

It’s already bad in BC. Will this fix the overdose rate? We lost twice as many people to overdoses than covid.

Even before the pandemic it affected everyone’s lives here. The restrictions, the lockdowns only magnified a larger problem.

Vancouver and Victoria were already destinations for “drug tourists”. We do have a disproportionate number of people from other provinces because it’s warm here. We have (*to some degree) relatively good social programs. Victoria went to the extreme. We gave up hotels to shelters and emergency housing. Local businesses are losing business. Won’t this just encourage people to come even more?

We need a change in government.


“The Conservative Party of British Columbia is a provincial political party in British Columbia, Canada. In the early half of the 20th century, the Conservatives competed with the British Columbia Liberal Party for power in the province. Since the 1950s however, the party has had only a minor presence, not having elected a member of the Legislative Assembly (or MLA) in a general election since 1975. The last sitting MLA for the Conservatives was John van Dongen, who briefly crossed the floor to the party in 2012 before leaving to sit as an independent.”

Maybe we need to go back to basics in BC.

I think people are scared that if the Conservatives get in they will take away the rainbow flags and force everyone to pray instead of shopping on Sundays.

NO! Seriously everyone loves the mall on Sundays sometimes and some people worship on Saturdays, or Thursday’s, or set aside a little time every day. Or not and do yoga. Nobody cares.  Nobody is going to take away rights, if anything they will be secured more.

The worst thing the Conservatives will do…is make math important, having fiscal responsibility in government and I don’t think people here understand that or that is what scares people, hard work. Not expecting handouts. Business actually working for people not the lobbying shills. People should be rewarded for hard work and I don’t feel it with the NDP.

I don’t know if this new drug legislation will help things, I only hope one day BC=Bring Common Sense.

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