I can’t stop crying watching this

This is Angelina Gomez #mamabears story. #UvaldeCoverUp Call from law enforcement threatened her that she may get a probation violation if she told her story.

I think the angels were working overtime. She drove, got handcuffed because she wanted to rescue her babies while the cops outside did nothing.  For 72 minutes.

And now she is being faced with a gag order? Too late eh, I can’t imagine any parent I know not doing the same thing. Her story is out there, as with the stories of other parents. Solidarity with our neighbors 🇺🇸❤️🇨🇦

This is the justification for the Trudeau government’s handgun bill.  Feel safer? I don’t. And the MSM won’t share this and try to cover it up. If he imposes laws based on another country, I have the right as a citizen to say my taxes are wasted on an idiot. If this is a political issue here let’s bring it. The Liberal Party blocked me on Twitter anyways.

I honestly don’t think she was conscious, a mix of instinct, adrenaline and God 🙏 took over. Not all parents were so lucky but were handcuffed. Can you imagine trying to rescue your kids and being restrained while the people you trust to keep your kids safe do nothing, then being told you will go to jail if you talk about it? Here is your future and it will be worse across the border.

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