Bills C-11 and C-18 ❤️🇨🇦 the impact on online media

Many Canadians don’t know this is happening especially in the YouTube community. It’s alot to unpack. This will change the future of Media in Canada if it passes and I’m a little bit uncomfortable. If only they didn’t ban the sale of handguns the same week.

“I went to Parliament to save Canadian YouTube (Bill C-11)” on YouTube McCullough

28:29 minutes…This was some of the most important civil liberties testimony and the Canadian media is oblivious.

So are most Canadians and live streamers, bloggers and broadcasters. It’s dense material.

Pretty much 🤷

all J.J. proved is the government has no fucking clue how a platform like YouTube operates. Ok Quebec Media Association, don’t use the platform, find a different app, keep preaching about distinct society after blocking pipelines that would make money.

Half the bill is to promote French. It’s changed a great deal since the first and second reading.

J.J. is like me. Why am I paying for Quebec. You want French language you pay for it.

Bill c-18 relates more to digital news than digital entertainment as in the c-11 bill but very similar. Not much has changed from the first and second reading.

I had a good discussion with Adam Sterling but I stumped him. He hasn’t read the bills. Not like he would care. It benefits the legacy media.

I ain’t paying for links. If anything the media outlets should be saying “thank you for the free advertising”.  Perhaps that’s the biggest problem with news, it’s more about keeping sponsors happy then telling the truth all the time.

Am I worried? Somewhat.  I would be if I was a normal YouTube content maker.  I’m not. I do it for fun. Maybe when I get better technology and data I can really get into it. The government has said has no desire to investigate and censor social media… fingers crossed I can fly under the radar.

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